RV/Trailer Repair in Gilbert

Big vehicles? No problem!

Due to their size, RVs and trailers have engines that may work harder than their compact counterparts. Since these vehicles are known to carry heavier loads, greater attention to their suspension and brakes is required. Family Automotive and Diesel Repair has extensive knowledge of RVs and trailers. With 25 years of automotive repair experience, you can be sure your RV or trailer is professionally maintained.

Our RV/trailer repair service includes:

  • Clutch Repair and Replacement
  • Suspension Adjustment
  • Pump Replacement
  • Valve and Piston Maintenance
  • Diesel Repair and Replacement

Going on a road trip can be fun, but running into a car malfunction is not. Before you and your family get on the road, make sure to stop by Family Automotive and Diesel Repair. We can promptly assess your vehicle's health and tend to its problems with efficiency. Through our comprehensive RV and trailer repair service, you can hit the road safely. Contact (480) 634-4638 the next time you're planning a long trip.

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