Gilbert Engine Repair and Replacement

Cooling System Repair

The cooling system of your car keeps your engine from overheating. Coolants can decay over time, which is why it's important your cooling system is regularly maintained. As automotive specialists at Family Automotive and Diesel Repair, we understand how frightening it may be to experience a car malfunction. It can be especially scary if you're driving on the freeway. Through our comprehensive engine repair and replacement service, we can help you avoid that situation.

Our engine repair and replacement service includes:

  • Cooling System Repair and Flush
  • Coolant Exchange
  • Replacement of Fuel and Air Filters
  • Engine Repair and Replacement

Tending to your engine, or more importantly, your cooling system, early on saves you from a mechanical failure in the future. Having your engine repaired sooner not only prevents your car from greater damage, but it also saves you from expensive repairs in the long run. Keep you and your family safe by having your engine serviced at Family Automotive and Diesel Repair. For questions concerning our engine service, please call (480) 634-4638.

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