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Electrical System Check-Up

The foundation of your car is its electrical system. At the core of the electrical system is your car's battery. Without a high performing battery, your car can't function. Make sure your car's battery, as well as the starter and alternator, is working at optimum level through our repair service. Family Automotive and Diesel Repair has a wonderful team of mechanics who can inspect your car's electrical system for any underlying issues.

Our electrical repair service includes:

  • Comprehensive Inspection
  • Battery Replacement
  • Diagnosis of Check Engine Light
  • Repair of Electrical Wires
  • Lighting Replacement

It may be difficult to discern whether your battery needs to be repaired or replaced, but one of the first indications is a slow starter rate. If you find your engine is taking longer than usual to start, your electrical system may need to be assessed. When you come into our shop, we provide you an estimate for the job before proceeding. Whether you need your exterior light replaced or check engine light fixed, feel free to call Family Automotive and Diesel Repair at (480) 634-4638.

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