Brake Service and Repair in Gilbert

Safety for Your Vehicle

Brakes are extremely important to cars. They protect you from driving into a vehicle, building, or even a pedestrian. Yet, many people may not have their brakes routinely checked until they hear a grinding noise. At this point, we at Family Automotive and Diesel Repair advise you to bring your vehicle into our shop. We can thoroughly assess your brakes' condition and make the appropriate repairs.

Our brake service and repair includes:

  • Installation of Brake Pads and Rear Shoes
  • Resurfacing of Rotors and Rear Drums
  • Repacking of Front Wheel Bearings

After we complete our brake service, our mechanic then inspects the master cylinder and brake hoses. To guarantee your car's brakes are in full working condition again, we do a road test of your car. Our mission at Family Automotive and Diesel Repair is to provide you safety through our brake repairs. Contact us at (480) 634-4638 or come in for a brake check-up before it's too late.

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